Needle Felted Dolls Workshop


Your Step-by-Step Video Guide

to Needle Felted Doll Making

Felt Alive's Most Comprehensive and Best-Selling Needle Felting Workshop

Learn techniques for bringing wool to life.The instructions in this workshop are not pattern-based; Instead, I teach a set of techniques that can be repeated over and over, never creating the same character twice.
No skills needed! Just a great imagination!
Fun & Easy for All Skill Levels

Enjoy your workshop without any time limits – unlimited access for an unlimited amount of time. 

10 hours of fun and easy needle felting instructions.
Felt Along with me and learn to make needle felted dolls of your very own. 

From start to finish and every step in between!

This Video Workshop is the equivalent of an intensive 3-4 day live workshop except you work from the comfort of your own home at your convenience and leisure. Not to mention the fact that you can pause and rewind me anytime! And you get a bird's eye view of my felting pad, no straining to see from across the room, no peeking over shoulders or feeling lost as the class moves along before you are ready.

Workshop Features:
  • 10 Hours Narrated Instruction – 4 DVD
  • Clear Birds-Eye View with Close-Ups
  • Unique & Expressive Needle Felted Faces
  • Fully Jointed & Flexible Bodies
  • Clothing & Hair Options


Disc 1 Screen Shot

  • Introduction
  • The Basic Shape
  • The Nose
  • The Mouth
  • Cheeks and Chin
  • Sculpting Facial Features
  • The Eyes

 Felt Alive Needle Felting Video Workshop - Needle Felted Dolls

  • The Eyes Continued
  • Facial Expressions
  • Teeth
  • Ears
  • Shading
  • A Quick Review
  • The Neck
  • Hair

Disc 3 Screen Shot - Needle Felted Dolls Workshop

  • Body Introduction
  • Body Parts
  • Hip Joints
  • Knees and Elbows
  • Body Building

Disc 4 Screen Shot - Needle Felted Dolls Workshop

  • A Review
  • Making the Feet
  • A Review
  • Getting Dressed   
  • Attaching the Head
  • Finishing Touches


Needle Felted Doll by Felt Alive

We filmed this needle felting workshop in my studio to give you a Kay's-eye view of a 

Felt Alive needle felted doll coming to life from start to finish and EVERY step in between! 

Zoom shots capture the most intricate details.  Watch up close and felt along with me as I needle felt a fully jointed, fully fun & original Felt Alive Needle Felted Doll.  

Every detail is explained, every step of the way!  Narrating the entire 10 hours unscripted while sharing my insight into this amazing art craft makes this video workshop so much more than just instructions. 

I've been told that learning to needle felt with this video tutorial is like learning from a friend. 

If you think that you could never learn how to make such detailed dolls, please think again.  I was right where you are now not so long ago;

I can teach You how fun and rewarding it truly is to needle felt one of a kind art dolls using only wool and barbed felting needles. 

Miss-Beauty-Chang-IdyL. Needle Felted Doll Student

Miss Beauty Chan

Submitted by Idy L. Hong Kong

Needle Felted Dolls Workshop Student