Needle Felting

Felt Alive Pixies

Felt along with me for a magical journey into soft sculptural needle felting.  Over an hour of step-by-step instructions. The moment the wool smiles and blushes you'll be hooked on needle felting forever!

Needle felting lifelike dolls or animals WITHOUT using wire armatures requires sturdy needle felted parts. Learn how to take core wool batt from fluff to form so you can make basic needle felted core parts for your creations.  Learn How to Felt Alive! 

Just what is needle felting?

It's a fun new craft that's only been around since the 1980s.  I like to describe needle felting as sculpting by stabbing using wool as the medium and special needles with barbs on the blade as your tool.    Felt is created as the barbs of the needle tangle and compact the fiber with repeated jabs.  My specialty is sculptural or 3d needle felting but the same principles apply to 2d or flat needle felting as well.  In contrast to traditional felt making methods that use water and friction, needle felting is also known as dry felting.   Felting needles are borrowed from commercial felting machines used in the non-woven textile industry and have been adapted for handcrafting use.    

Thanks for watching and have fun! 


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Felt Alive Pixies

Felt Alive Pixies is an easy needle felting project, absolutely perfect for beginners. Learn easy techniques to form, sculpt and connect needle felted parts. Learn simple steps to needle felt smiling faces:) You'll even learn how to needle felt clothing.