Master-level Needle Felted Doll Making Video Course!

Easy enough for beginners!






Felt Alive’s Most Comprehensive Needle Felting Workshops

!! Felt Alive Fairy Dolls !!

10 Hours of Video Instruction – From Start to Finish and EVERY step in between.
This master-level needle felted doll making video course is easy enough for beginners. With a wave of your magic felting needle you will learn how to bring your wool to life.
These little fairies are about 10″ long and weigh less than two ounces. They are fully jointed (no wire armature needed!) and flex and move like they are alive!
Unlimited ON-DEMAND Access to the ENTIRE LIBRARY of Felt Alive Needle Felting Video Tutorials with over 30 hours of professional instruction to help you take the next steps in your needle felting journey!

Needle Felted Doll Making Made EASY!

From start to finish and every step in between!

This Video Workshop would be the equivalent of fun and intensive 3 day live needle felted dolls workshop except you work on your project on your schedule – whenever it’s convenient for you from the comfort of your own home!

You get a bird’s eye view of my felting pad, no straining to see from across the room, no peeking over shoulders or feeling lost as the class moves along before you are ready. With me as your own personal tutor that you can pause and rewind anytime.

Needle Felted Doll Making Course from Felt Alive Wool Sculptures on Vimeo.

  • Needle felt the core structure using core wool batting.
  • Connect the parts create a strong and flexible needle felted body.
  • Fun techniques to make needle felted hands and feet that add so much life to your character.
  • Adding body contours using amazing yet simple techniques for creating a skin or flesh layer that rolls and stretches much like our own skin.
  • Learn techniques for needle felted shoes and clothing options using batting and prefelt.
  • Over 4 hours on faces will show you so many tricks for creating expression.
  • Needle felted eyes and teeth are their own special magic!
  • Blush and Shading is nearly like painting with wool.
  • Several options for hair including straight and curly.
  • Learn how to finish your project by filling in any holes left by the needles and taming down wool fuzzies.
  • Finished doll is approximately 10″-12″ tall.

FANTASTIC learning experience!!!

“If you’re like me prior to this class and you have never felted anything before, nonetheless held a piece of wool batting in your hand, this class is for you! I purchased the kit along with the video workshop and it has EVERYTHING you need to make your own needle felted doll. The video is shot over her shoulder so you have a clear, up close shot of the demonstrations as if you were Kay herself! This is one of the best first time felting video tutorials out there!” 

Monica from Phoenix, Arizona

RatingThe Dolls Needle Felting Workshop is Great!

“I made an awesome doll that looks just like my son. I was able to watch what I wanted and pause if I needed to. It was so much fun!”
Dora from Montana

 Professional and Fun

“Kay is warm, funny and a natural teacher when watching her dvd I really was able to learn a lot and fast too. Excellent shipping time to Australia didn’t have to wait long at all, everything was presented lovely and professionally.”
Jessica from Melbourne/Australia

If you want to learn how to needle felt but aren’t sure where to start – Felt Alive Needle Felting Workshops on DVD are your answer.
Needle felting books are great for inspiration but actually watching a needle felted character come to life while each step is explained is the best way to learn! My needle felting DVD workshops are fun and easy to follow. It’s like having your own personal needle felting instructor! Work at your own pace, pause, rewind and review. Follow along with me and you will be amazed at how easy it is create a unique and artistic needle felted character of your very own.
Any of my Felt Alive DVD Workshops will teach you a comprehensive set of skills to complete an amazing needle felted character. From needle felted art dolls, needle felted dogs and fantasy characters, you are sure to find the needle felting workshop that is right for you! After you have finished, you will realize you have all the skills you need to create any needle felted project you can imagine. And before you know it you will be making special needle felted gifts, selling your creations and even teaching others how! Needle felting is a great way to earn extra money.

I film my workshops in my studio and narrate unscripted every step of the way. I share my knowledge, my skills, my pitfalls and my joy that I’ve discovered on my own needle felting journey. 

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Most amazing needles I have ever used!
I just started needle felting and had tried a few needles from craft stores, but all of them were terrible. I decided to try Felt Alive’s needles and was completely amazed! These needles work like magic, are super comfortable to hold, and are a thousand times better than the lousy stuff at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores!! Before I wasn’t even able to get a ball to stay together; with these needles I was able to make a complete lifelike chickadee in 2 days. I really cannot say enough about how amazing these needles are. If you are hesitating, stop hesitating and get them. They will completely change your needle felting life.

from Alpharetta, GA. on 12/1/2013